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MAM is out

It’s official, embattled Foreign Minister Michèle Alliot-Marie is out, Defence Minister Alain Juppé is in. After weeks of controversy surrounding visits to Tunisia during the so-called Jasmine Revolution, and offering French know-how to Tunisia’s loathed military police service, Alliot-Marie resigned. … Continue reading

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  “I look back at 1959 as a turning point, the gestation of change. One American visionary, Adlai Stevenson, called it The Revolution of Rising Expectations. An intellectual, Stevenson (who ran twice unsuccessfully against Eisenhower, as Democratic presidential candidate) forsaw … Continue reading

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Carnet Atlantique

Welcome to the Carnet Atlantique, Paris’ newest English quarterly journal. Covering hot topics in France, the U.S., and the world beyond, the Carnet Atlantique is a spicy, thinking man’s, opinionated journal. Dig in and read our inaugral issue here!

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