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Coming soon… Carnet Atlantique’s second issue

We take a look at the new French Foreign Minister, Alain Juppé, California governor Jerry Brown, an expat contributor living in France, and watch a showdown unfold between Paris, France, and Paris, Texas. Read all about it April 1 at … Continue reading

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France’s nuclear silence

 Arrêt sur images posted a really interesting piece on nuclear power in France. The recent crisis in Japan has sparked a heated debate about Europe’s dependence on nuclear power. “En 1999, pour un hors-série d’ Arrêt sur images (France 5), … Continue reading

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Sarkozy’s play

The New York Times ran an interesting piece about France’s actions in Libya.  “Mr. Sarkozy, motivated by French failures to respond quickly to the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt and pressed by a new foreign minister and vocal public figures like the … Continue reading

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Imminent meltdown

France’s nuclear authority is “pessimistic” about Japan’s ability to avert a total nuclear crisis, reports the Montreal Gazette. Officials estimate this could be worse than Chernobyl.

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Japan hit by huge quake, tsunami

  Japan was rocked by one of the most severe earthquakes, and subsequent 10 m high tsunami, with dozens reported dead and many more missing. Over 2,800 people have also been evacuated from the area surrounding Japan’s Fukushima No. 1 nuclear … Continue reading

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France recognizes National Libyan Council

France has become the very first country to recognize Libya’s interim National Libyan Council as a legitimate government. “It come as Nato is set to discuss military options in the Libyan conflict including a possible no-fly zone,” according to the BBC. … Continue reading

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An age of unreason

“Joseph McCarthy, his thin, whiny, nasal voice, corpulent, shapeless face, alcoholic, shiftless demeanor, bulging belly became Little America’s everyman’s Every Man, battling the Cosmopolitan elites. McCarthy’s demagogic genius was in breeding enemies faster than rabbits.” Read the full article here.

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