French cops pissed over booze restrictions

The notorious CRS riot police are up in arms today, after (very) old regulations re: no wine on the job began to be legitimately enforced.

“The row broke out after pictures were published showing officers enjoying a drink with their midday meal while out policing a demonstration.

CRS boss Hubert Weigel on Monday ordered that “the little quarter litre of wine taken with a meal while on duty” was henceforth banned. Their right to a ‘beer or a quarter litre of wine’ with their meal was confirmed by a directive signed in 1989,” according to France 24.

This is what makes France so great. In North America, a police officer caught drinking on the job would face severe consequences. In France, police are furious that they are being denied their right to drink on the job. Undoubtedly, workers in both countries enjoy a wobbly pop or two at lunch every so often. The difference is that French police officers don’t want to hide it.

One could argue that wine culture in France is vastly different than… beer culture in North America… But it feels like the real issue here is that some segments of French society continue to resist following status quo “best practices.”

And we love them for it. A glass of wine at lunch isn’t hurting anyone. Maybe there is a study showing these officers’ performances slip after waaaay more than one glass of wine, maybe someone will even connect harsh crackdowns with overconsumption of alcohol. But we doubt it. Until such evidence surfaces, why don’t the nitpicking bureaucrats back off a little?

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