France Telecom employee dies by self-immolation

France Telecom is scrambling to investigate after another employee died by suicide, setting himself ablaze in the company parking lot.

“The death on puts the spotlight back on working conditions at France Telecom, which replaced its CEO and pledged to address worker complaints after a wave of more than 20 employee suicides last year,” reports the Telegraph.

The paper reports that the unidentified employee had been working alone for the past eight months before his death.

The French government still owns 27 per cent of the struggling company. What should be done?

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3 Responses to France Telecom employee dies by self-immolation

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  2. patricia says:

    there should be no violence, mistreatment, verbal abuse in such workplace. Anyone in the workplace had caused those workers to commit suicide should be prosecuted and will be punished for this. I believe people who have jobs should earn extra extra money in their wages to make them happy in spite of the crisis. Jobs should have less stress and to have better solutions to the problems. Nobody desveves to live in misery without hope.

  3. patricia says:

    Demons and evil spirits in france telecom??? What kind of demons do they have?

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