Your mother was a hamster…

In quasi-hilarious random news, France is in hot water over failing to protect its hamster population.

The New York Times reports that “the Court of Justice in Luxembourg, the European Union’s highest court, ruled Thursday that France had failed to protect the Great Hamster of Alsace, sometimes known as the European hamster, the last wild hamster species in Western Europe. If France does not adjust its agricultural and urbanization policies sufficiently to protect it, the court said, the government will be subject to fines of as much as $24.6 million.

The wild hamster population has bounced back in recent years, to 800 from an all-time low of 200 in 2007. But French farmers still view the hamsters as pests, and apparently government measures enacted to protect the hamsters in 2008 have been totally insufficient. 

Now go away or we will taunt you a second time.

Read more about all things France in the latest issue of Carnet Atlantique.

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