Sarkozy drops controversial property tax

DSK might be headed to the slammer and LePen is nipping at his heels–time for Sarkozy to play some hardball.

The French Prime Minister just dropped a planned property tax on second homes, which would have affected an estimated 360,000 homeowners, according to the Telegraph.

“Mr Sarkozy had approved the plan, which would have added thousands of euros to the cost of owning a second home in France, as a way of offsetting a cut in the wealth tax.

Joëlle Garriaud-Maylam, one of nine senators who oppose the tax and met Mr Sarkozy on Saturday, said: ‘The president told us he had been convinced (the law was a bad idea) and had taken his decision (to scrap it).” She said she told the government that the law would have been “very bad publicity for France.'”

FYI, 180,ooo of those homeowners are British, and expatriates will be represented by MPs for the first time ever in the 2012 election.

Read more about political maneuvering in the latest issue of Carnet Atlantique.

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