American energy: the good, the bad and the ugly

“In the United States, energy independence is a seasonal theme, a popular topic of discussion only when the mood is just right. If we’re discussing energy independence at all, that must mean that we’re either rolling into a political campaign cycle, there’s been an environmental disaster or yet another Middle Eastern populist uprising has sprouted in an oil rich country. What was that?

Just our luck, we’ve recently experienced all three. Admittedly, the words “energy independence” sound like a slogan, a catch phrase designed to trigger some innate sense of nationalist empowerment. While U.S. political hopefuls are announcing their bids for the presidency and firing up the usual energy rhetoric, Japan’s nuclear crisis grows and the Arabic Dawn continues to spread through Libya and other parts of North Africa and the Middle East. The glue that connects these seemingly disparate details is energy. The global constant has always been energy.

Carnet Atlantique’s very own Frederick Blackmon discusses the ins and outs of American energy policy in the latest issue. Read it online now!


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