Genius. Simply genius.

“The Nobel is so passé. Now it’s the John D. MacArthur Genius Prize. Never heard of John D. MacArthur? That’s okay. He was a bit of an asshole. Despite this – or because of it – he was a sharp, successful entrepreneur who inadvertently launched a kind of treasure hunt for creative geniuses.

For the last 30 years, the John D. MacArthur Foundation has been handing out US$ 500,000 each year to 25 of the most creative, innovative, potentially world-changing scientists, artists and thinkers. Called the MacArthur Fellowship (or more commonly, the Genius Grants) it’s the most iconic fellowship in America. Before you nominate yourself, you should know that it will be fruitless. To date, there have been 825 recipients total, meaning almost half a billion dollars have been handed out. Yet there are no applications, nor any specific guidelines. No one even knows they are a candidate until they are given the half-million dollars with no strings attached.”

Sounds amazing doesn’t it? Read more about wealthy geniuses and what they’re doing with their money in Scott Standley’s latest article. Available in the latest issue of the Carnet Atlantique online.

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