Soooo sad: France and U.S. most depressed countries on Earth

This just in: money can’t buy happiness.

A new study by the World Health Organization found that the U.S. and France are two of the most depressed countries in the world.

The study, published in medical journal BMC online last week, found that depression is more likely to strike in high-income countries than in poor ones. Researchers analyzed rates of depression in 18 countries, including 10 high-income countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain and the United States) and eight to 10 middle/low income countries (Brazil, Colombia, India, China, Lebanon, Mexico, South Africa and Ukraine.)

The biggest findings, according to redOrbit, were that France and the U.S. reported the highest percentages of people who have experienced or will experience depression at some point in their lives, at 21 per cent and 19.2 per cent respectively– higher rates of depression that poorer countries such as Colombia, Mexico and the Ukraine.

The Tehran Times broke it down a little:

“In France, Germany, New Zealand and the United States, the poorest respondents had double the risk of major depression compared with the richest respondents, but in middle- and low-income countries there was no link between individual income and depression.

Income inequality, which is larger in high-income countries, promotes a slew of chronic conditions, including depression, the researchers speculate.

One factor that held true across countries was the gender ratio of depression. No matter the nationality, women were twice as likely as men to have experienced depression.

Read more about France, America and the world beyond in the latest issue of Carnet Atlantique.

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