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David Cameron and “friends”

British PM David Cameron is in for a bumpy ride with his coalition government. Austin Ashley examines the pros and cons of a government divided in his latest article: “While doctors and nurses protest in hospitals, students take to the … Continue reading

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The abortion debate rages on

Ths issue that just won’t go away. What role will anti-abortion activists play in the 2012 elections? Our own Susan Connolly looked into this contentious issue. “It is an issue mired in constitutional delegation of legal authority, interpretation of a … Continue reading

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Memories of 9/11

“After 9/11, the mastermind of the attack taunted us from a distant cave. We poured money and lives into one, then two wars, but couldn’t find Bin Laden. Torture became government policy; innocent people were arrested; privacy was lost. Travel … Continue reading

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The Euro: Good vs. Evil

Was a common, multinational currency ever a good idea? We looked into it. “The main argument against currency unions is the loss of member countries’ independence to tailor monetary policy to their local needs. But Mundell suggested that three conditions … Continue reading

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Bernie Madoff & Thierry de La Villehuchet: An Odd Couple

“La Villehuchet decided to introduce the strategy to his well-heeled European clientèle in 2002. He brought Markopolos along to explain the strategy to prospective clients. Nearly every client to whom La Villehuchet pitched the idea was already invested with Madoff. … Continue reading

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