David Cameron and “friends”

British PM David Cameron is in for a bumpy ride with his coalition government. Austin Ashley examines the pros and cons of a government divided in his latest article:

“While doctors and nurses protest in hospitals, students take to the streets. The tripling of tuition fees, previously capped at £3000 per year for domestic students, triggered violent protests in London as the opposition labels the cuts reckless. While the Liberal Democrats have fulfilled other promises like setting up an environmental investment bank, tuition fees angered their supporters and gave a big ‘told you so’ moment to those who were against a shared government in the first place.

So, surprise, surprise, taxes and spending cuts have proved to be as unpopular as they always were. But, while any elected party would have had to do something about the deficit, there seems to be something about the current government that keeps sending approval ratings further south no matter how much the necessity of cuts is hammered home. Perhaps it’s more than just the reductions.”

Click here to read the full article in the latest edition of Carnet Atlantique!

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