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Max Mosley doesn’t want to be associated with “orgy”

In “foolishly drawing more attention to a scandal by trying to cover it up news,” former F1 boss Max Mosley is suing world dominator search engine Google in an attempt to force the site to monitor and censor search results … Continue reading

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Libya, check. Syria …

France was the first country to recognize Libya’s transitional coalition government, and actively led the  charge for foreign intervention in the country’s recent ousting of former president Muammar Gaddafi (killed last month.) Now the Telegraph is reporting French Foreign Minister … Continue reading

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Athens, Rome …. Paris?

In today’s “terrifying hypothetical questions that nobody wants to hear or answer” news, we have the New York Times, which predicts that after successive financial meltdowns in Greece and Italy, France might be next. Nelson Schwartz ponders the question that … Continue reading

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Revolutions, presidential elections, the Tea Party and more. Our editor-in-chief Paul Weinberg gives a rundown on today’s hot button issues: “Recessions are not calming events. Evil forces that feed on deprivation and denial, usually noticeably benign, buffer more or less … Continue reading

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