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27: There’s no There There

Marc Rickenbach and Rachel Dares looked into the mixed legacy of Gertrude Stein. A mother figure to the Lost Generation, Stein left an impression on the Parisian arts scene that lingers to this day: “At the very least her experience … Continue reading

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France not leaving Afghanistan after all?

Rest easy, international community. It would appear that, despite some rather strong words on the part of French President Nicholas Sarkozy last week, the country is not going to pull out of Afghanistan immediately. GlobalSpin reports that the French will … Continue reading

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AAA? Au Contraire

Randal Hines called it… the euro is in major trouble. Behold: “Between now and April, France will be rolling over and extending 96.7 billion €, a huge sum when combined with Italy and Spain’s refinancing needs for the same period. … Continue reading

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Lettre de Vaison-la-Romaine Democracy in France

Our own Julian Crandall Hollick, an American expat living in Provence, shared his personal experience with French democracy and politics in an area far from Paris: “For people in Provence, democracy in France has always seemed dysfunctional. Lots of talk … Continue reading

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Our fearless leader shared his thoughts on the New World Order in the latest edition of Carnet Atlantique, everything from the global financial collapse to the 2012 election season. Behold: “Since it all began in 2007 – 2008, governments have … Continue reading

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2011: Still better than 1011

Welcome to 2012! A year full of high hopes and expectations after a rather admittedly miserable 2011. We at Carnet Atlantique are pleased to celebrate our one year anniversary with our latest issue, featuring insight and analysis of the top … Continue reading

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