Lettre de Vaison-la-Romaine Democracy in France

Our own Julian Crandall Hollick, an American expat living in Provence, shared his personal experience with French democracy and politics in an area far from Paris:

“For people in Provence, democracy in France has always seemed dysfunctional. Lots of talk about liberté and égalité, but precious little fraternité. They pay plenty of lip service to solidarité and convivialité, which too often translates into refusing any sense of common responsibility and a savage attachment to the principle of every man for himself.

Paris seems about as remote as New Delhi for those of us who live in Provence. My town Vaison-la-Romaine only voted to join France in 1792, and that by a razor-thin majority. Before that we were ruled by the Pope in Rome, and quite happy with our separate (and remote) status.”

Read the full story in the latest issue of Carnet Atlantique!

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1 Response to Lettre de Vaison-la-Romaine Democracy in France

  1. HR says:

    Julian Crandall Hollick would be much more at ease in his article on french democracy if he was to take his view with the right en of the field-glass.
    France, Europe have never known democracy. An history of democracy, in Europe, has to be a history of the defeat of democacy.
    The European Union is a shining testimony to that defeat..

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