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France pulls staff out of Afghanistan due to security concerns

Apparently intended not to be ironic, France and Germany have joined the UK and US in pulling their administrative staff out of Afghanistan due to “security concerns.” In all fairness, the decision came after two senior Nato officers were shot … Continue reading

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China looooves that French cognac

Who likes kicking back with a bottle of Remy Martin more than hip hop superstars? China does! The Wall Street Journal is reporting that China is set to become the largest consumer of French cognac in the world. With the … Continue reading

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Tea Party 2.0

A blast from the past–in our July issue, Alison Midori Reilly wrote on the American Tea Party movement, which is not quite the same today as it was back in the 1700s. Behold: “A conservative political grassroots collective, the Tea … Continue reading

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Business is booming at Total SA

Shocking development! An oil company made massive profits! Associated Press is reporting that Frence oil giant Total SA is making a ton of cash due to… you guessed it… high fuel prices. Apparently the company… “forecast higher production this year … Continue reading

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U.S. 2012 Presidential Update

The handsome Mormon millionaire is known for killing jobs as much as he is for criticising the current administration for killing jobs. Republicans are apparently falling out of love with him (if they ever were in the first place) after … Continue reading

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France calls shenanigans on Scientologists… again.

There are those times when the French government deserves a high five, and today could be one of them. Nine News reports that the French government has gone beyond labelling Scientology a ‘sect’–it’s straight-up fraud, baby. Basically, a French court … Continue reading

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