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Lettre de Vaison-la-Romaine: Democracy in France

Julian Crandall Hollick writes us a letter from Provence, where democracy is not always what it appears to be: “For people in Provence, democracy in France has always seemed dysfunctional. Lots of talk about liberté and égalité, but precious little … Continue reading

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Final countdown…

Our Spring issue will be live next week! Read all about the Arab Spring, the French election campaign, and perhaps a little April Fool’s humour… In the meantime, check out an oldie but goodie–The Euro, by Joao Santos Silva and … Continue reading

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Carrefour closes Chinese outlet

Busted! French retail giant Carrefour has closed a shop in China’s Henan province after the local government found mislabeled meat on its shelves. Bloomberg reports that while the closure is temporary, it’s a major PR blow for the retailer: “Carrefour … Continue reading

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The French tax debate

As presidential candidates Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande swing into high gear, the tax issue has returned once more to the public eye. The Washington Post reports that both candidates have made some pretty serious promises–Hollande, a Socialist, has promised … Continue reading

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Spring has almost sprung… and our next issue is publishing soon!

France, America and the world beyond. From tales of the Arab Spring to a look at what people are saying about the French elections, you can read it all in our Spring issue, coming soon! In the mean time, check … Continue reading

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China to France: Let’s fix this Syria thing

In a startling turn of events, China is now calling for an end to the conflict in Syria. AFP reports that the country will send an envoy to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and France to discuss a solution: “Foreign ministry spokesman … Continue reading

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France joins rest of world in being sceptical of Iran

French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe has taken a bold stance: He is sceptical that plans for new talks between Iran and the European Union will be successful. Reuters just reported that Juppe responded to the EU foreign policy chief’s announcement … Continue reading

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