France joins rest of world in being sceptical of Iran

French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe has taken a bold stance: He is sceptical that plans for new talks between Iran and the European Union will be successful.

Reuters just reported that Juppe responded to the EU foreign policy chief’s announcement that talks would resume with a raised eyebrow:

“The EU’s foreign policy chief, who represents the United States, Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany in dealings with Iran, said on Tuesday they had accepted Iran’s offer to return to talks after a standstill of a year that has seen a drift towards conflict in the oil-rich Gulf.

The talks could dampen what U.S. President Barack Obama has called a rising drumbeat of war, alluding to talk of last-resort Israeli attacks on Iran that he and many others worry would kindle a wider Middle East war and hammer the global economy.

French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe, however, raised doubt about what the talks could achieve. ‘I am a little sceptical … I think Iran continues to be two-faced,’ Juppe told France’s i-Tele television.

‘That’s why I think we have to continue to be extremely firm on sanctions (already imposed on Iran), which in my view are the best way to prevent a military option that would have unforeseeable consequences,’ he said.”

Two-faced? Iran?! Oh snap.

Newsday/AP took it a step further with their analysis:

“While divisions along such lines are not new, the fact that diplomats at the IAEA meeting have been unable to bridge them three days into the IAEA meeting reflects poorly on hopes of unity at talks scheduled in the near future between Iran and the six.

Open skepticism within the Western camp about Iran’s readiness to negotiate cast further doubt about the outcome of those talks, with French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe saying he is not convinced the Islamic Republic is ready to compromise over its nuclear program.

Speaking for the six powers — who have repeatedly tried and failed to wrest concessions from Iran — European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton announced Tuesday that they had agreed to new talks at a still to be determined time and venue. Even minor progress at such a meeting would serve to lower tensions exacerbated by increasingly frequent warnings from Israel of possible military strikes on Iran’s nuclear facilities.”

What do you think. Did Juppe have a point?

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