Islam in the French elections

Interesting new piece in the Telegraph, about how Islam is shaping the French elections.

Harriet Alexander wrote about how recent developments are shaping the 2012 election campaign for President Nicolas Sarkozy, and his critics:

“Last week French police launched the latest of a series of raids on suspected Islamic militants, detaining 10 people across the country in predawn arrests. Five Islamic fundamentalists were also kicked out of France or told not to return, and concerns over Islamic fundamentalism have made security one of the key talking points with two weeks to go in the presidential election campaign.

Supporters of Mr Sarkozy, battling for re-election, claim that he is being tough on dangerous radicals and protecting France. His opponents point out that stirring up fear of Islamic fundamentalists is a very convenient way of appearing as a strong, dynamic president.”

Check out what we had to say on shake-ups and breakdowns in the Middle East, all in the latest edition of Carnet Atlantique!

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