Up and away: Dassault looking for new hope in China

The Financial Times is reporting that French jet company Dassault, coming off a rather disastrous 2010/2011, might be seeking new opportunities in China”

“Reporting financial results recently, the company said: ‘China is the most dynamic market, while a recovery is still expected in North America. Europe shows encouraging signs, especially in pre-owned business jets, but as a whole a wait and see policy still applies.’

Why China? Well, for the same reason everyone is looking to China. Its economy is not circling the drain.

In the same vein as the China Daily, the Huffington Post recently published an editorial about France’s ambitions in China. Behold David Gosset’s take on the situation:

“At a time when the distribution of power is shifting rapidly — when Nicolas Sarkozy became French president five years ago, France’s GDP was 73% of China’s GDP, it will be 33% in 2012 and less than 25% in 2017 — leaders have to question their assumptions and reevaluate their priorities.

The new resident of the Elysée Palace and the leadership which will emerge from the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China can open a new chapter in the Sino-French relations, contribute to the deepening of the links between Brussels and Beijing and take the Sino-Western synergy at another level.

François Hollande, who does not share his predecessor’s reverence for the U.S., is in a position to have a more independent policy toward China, and if the White House has certainly gained a partner in its quest for economic growth, it can not view Paris any more as an acquiescent and unconditional ally. At the coming 25th NATO Summit in Chicago which will focus on the Alliance’s commitment to Afghanistan, François Hollande will announce the withdrawal of the French troops from the Central Asian country before the end of the year.”

For more on China, France, America and the world beyond, check out the latest edition of Carnet Atlantique!

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