China impressed by French austerity

Francois Hollande is practicing what he preaches. The new French President lit up the Chinese blogosphere recently, when it was revealed that his automobile of choice is the Citroen DS5.

Chinese Car News reported that Chinese bloggers were more than impressed with Hollande’s choice of ride, a hybrid family vehicle that will soon be available in China:

“When reported on Hollande’s new choice of cars, netizens let their voices be heard with over 5000 comments being posted within a few hours, mostly in support of the presidents choice of automobile. Here’s just a sample:

France is so poor! Their president cars are not as good as our village leaders cars!

The French presidential car is no where near as good as the cars bought by Yu Shu Local Government after the earthquake

I welcome Hollande to be a Chinese village leader, he will get a better car!

My village leader has a Rolls Royce!

The DS5 is beautiful!

In China, this car would be destroyed by second generation rich Chinese, and nobody would notice

This is what I call supporting your country’s goods!

For more on China, France, America and the world beyond, check out the latest edition of Carnet Atlantique!


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