China leads Cannes

A Chinese thriller by acclaimed director Lou Ye opened this year’s Cannes film festival, another example of China’s rising prominence in France.

France 24 reports that “Mystery” tells the tale of a Chinese professor who is living a double life. It also marks an important step forward for Lou, who landed himself in hot water with the government in the past:

“‘Mystery’ marks Lou’s return to official film-making in China after the director received a five-year sanction for his politically-laden 2006 movie “Summer Palace”, which screened in Cannes.

He had to shoot under cover for his 2009 ‘Spring Fever’, a steamy gay-themed love triangle that won a Cannes screenplay award, while his “Love and Bruises” was made in France.

‘We are happy he is able once more to work as a film-maker at home in China,’ festival general delegate Thierry Fremaux said as he introduced the director’s new film.”

Which Cannes films will you be watching this year?

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