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Great Firewall keeps Chinese users out

If you are in China, chances are you aren’t reading this. AFP reports that software developers in Hong Kong have created a new piece of technology that identifies censored posts on China’s main microblog. The program, called Weiboscope, detects politically … Continue reading

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Rule of law in China a long way away

Originally posted on China Daily Mail:
Chinese symbols for despotism In China, two well-known sayings make despotic officials very happy. One is “the heaven is high and the emperor, far away”; therefore even if the central government is good and…

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Rain, rain, go away

Sad news from China today. China’s Xinhua news agency is reporting that severe rainstorms have left eight people dead and affected millions more. According to the news agency, the autonomous region of Guangxi Zhuang was the worst hit: “Over 2,300 … Continue reading

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French architect not going anywhere: Cambodia

Yet another diplomatic row, this one bringing China, the UK, the US and France into the fray. A French architect who was detained in Cambodia this month on suspicions concerning his involvement with infamous Chinese politician Bo Xilai will be … Continue reading

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China’s first female astronaut

Liu Yang made history when she became the first female Chinese astronaut to visit outer space last week. Now the BBC has a profile of the woman behind the headlines. According to them, the 33-year-old pilot has only been in … Continue reading

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China rejects Syrian sanctions

Just a day after French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius suggested using sanctions to enforce a crumbling cease-fire plan, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin said his country objected to using pressure, arguing the international community should instead support the efforts … Continue reading

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Romney vs. China

Republican candidate Mitt Romney has made headlines during his campaign for declaring Beijing to be a threat to world currencies, but it wasn’t always so. In an intriguing new analytical piece, Reuters did a little digging and found that the … Continue reading

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