Rule of law in China a long way away

Intriguing article from our friends at China Daily Mail.

China Daily Mail

In China, two well-known sayings make despotic officials very happy.

One is “the heaven is high and the emperor, far away”; therefore even if the central government is good and has formulated good laws, regulations, rules, codes, policies, etc., a despotic official may still do whatever he wants. China is too large and the central government is too far away to be aware of their malpractices; while the God who always upholds justice, is too high away to meddle.

What about an official’s colleagues and superiors? Will his malpractices be exposed by them? He can rest at ease as there is another saying: “Officials shield one another.” That is why even the officials in Beijing quite near the central authority can still safely grab land from common people.

SCMP gives a report entitled “Demolition leaves family scattered, defenceless” on how helpless common people are when their…

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