China: Sansha capital Yongxing Island under strict military control

More trouble in the South China Sea…

China Daily Mail

Hong Kong Ming Pao’s reporter has recently been on Yongxing Island and found that the island is under strict military control due to the rising tensions in the South China Sea.

The reporter says the scenery on the island is wonderful, but as it is the biggest island and the most important military base on the South China Sea, it is heavily guarded and most of it has been put under strict military control.

Tourists from outside are not allowed to enter military zones, go into the water, take photographs or video records, or make any measurement or drawing. PLA officers and soldiers are patrolling the island and will check tourists’ cameras at any time.

If anything suspicious is found, the tourist is required to delete it at once. If the case is serious, it will be handed over to the upper level, and the tourist may be…

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