Lettre de Londres

Read the latest from Austin Ashley on David Cameron’s delicate balance of friends and enemies in the UK:

“How time flies. Two years ago, the U.K.’s political newly-weds were walking down the aisle – David Cameron from the Conservative party and Nick Clegg from the Liberal Democrats. At the end of their first year, while public support for newest Royal couple soared, support for the British political partnership had hit rock bottom and tension within the coalition was approach breaking point. But now, two years on and with another Royal occasion on the front pages, have the two unlikely bedfellows warmed to each other? Has the public warmed to them? And what (if anything) has Nick Clegg’s party got to look forward to after the next election?

The two parties are still not exactly best friends. In December 2011, Clegg ordered his party members to abstain from a vote on Cameron’s proposed veto of an EU-wide agreement on closer integration, at a time when Cameron needed all the coalition support he could get. More recently, Lib Dem MPs were nowhere to be seen during a vote on whether Conservative Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt should be investigated for breaching the ministerial code. The couple don’t even play tennis together like they used to, and Nick Clegg recently revealed that a story about the pair building an Ikea cupboard for Cameron’s new baby in the coalition’s heyday was ‘not entirely grounded in fact’.”

Get the whole story in the latest edition of Carnet Atlantique!!


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