China to West: No, YOU quit messing with Syria!

Tired of Olympic news yet? So are we. Switching things up to foreign affairs, politics and war: China has accused the West of attempting to sabotage Syria by implementing a regime change through military action.

According to the Montreal Gazette:

“China said Saturday that the West should be blamed for obstructing a diplomatic and political solution to Syria’s crisis because it advocated regime change, dismissing criticism by the United States and others that China and Russia have hindered peace efforts …

China and Russia have repeatedly used their veto power at the U.N. Security Council to block strong Western- and Arab-backed action against Syrian President Bashar Assad. Moscow is a key ally of Assad, and China cites its stance against military intervention.

On Friday, the two governments were again left looking isolated after they refused to support a symbolic U.N. resolution condemning the Syrian government for its crackdown on dissent. The resolution was approved by an overwhelming vote of 133-12; China was in the small minority that voted ‘no.'”

The special session of the 193-member UN General Assembly expressed “grave concern” about the state of affairs in Syria, and blasted the UN Security Council for failing to respond to a humanitarian crisis that has seen thousands die in the past 16 months.

In response to the backlash, Chinese officials went on the offensive, according to Reuters:

“Speaking at a hastily arranged news conference in Beijing, Wang Kejian, deputy head of the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s West Asian and North African Affairs Department, said China continued to support efforts at a peaceful, political solution for Syria.

‘We should not easily close the window to a political solution let alone start military intervention,’ Wang said.

‘China understands the desire of Arab countries and the Arab League for a swift resolution of the Syrian crisis.

We have on numerous occasions stressed to various parties that the legitimate demands and aspirations of the Syrian people for change and for safeguarding their interests deserve respect,’ Wang said.

‘The Syrian government should adopt concrete measures to respond to these demands and requests. We have repeatedly stressed that the future and destiny of Syria should be determined by the Syrian people independently.

‘Those countries which have made unfounded criticism about China’s position on Syria … have, in pursuit of their own geopolitical interests in Syria, tried to hinder or undermine the political settlement process and are trying to shift responsibility for the difficulties onto other countries,’ he added.”

Why is China really dragging its feet? Who is right here? What should be done in Syria?

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