Gu Kailai confesses

Shocker.  The wife of disgraced Chinese politician Bo Xilai has confessed to murdering a British businessman last year. Even more shocking? Chinese police have confessed to covering up the crime.

Gu apparently had a mental breakdown in the time leading up to British victim Neil Haywood’s murder, believing her son, who was studying abroad, was in jeopardy as a result of a soured relationship between her family and Heywood.

According to reports, she poisoned her victim, and now expects to receive a “just and fair” sentence.

Reuters has more:

“The latest official account from the scandal that has beset China’s ruling Communist Party came on the same day that four Chinese policemen admitted to attempting to shield Gu from suspicion of the murder of Heywood, an official said, in another damaging development for the ex-Politburo member.

The official’s statement, given after an 11-hour hearing barred to non-official media, formally establishes for the first time that there was an attempted cover-up of the Heywood’s murder and comes just a day after Bo’s wife, Gu, chose not to contest a charge of poisoning him.

Bo was sacked as Chongqing boss in March and his wife was publicly accused of the murder in April, when Bo was dumped from the Politburo and detained on an accusation he had violated party discipline – code for corruption, abuse of power and other misdeeds.”

Interested in reading more on the trial itself? Check out the official Xinhua report.

How is China reacting to the news of one of the biggest murder cases in recent history? According to CNN, with heavy censorship:

“Discussion about Gu’s trial and the surrounding scandal was blocked on social media Friday, but netizens in China appeared to be using code names to evade censors.

One user on Sina Weibo, the Chinese microblogging site, referred to Bo, the former Communist Party chief of Chongqing, and his wife, Gu as ‘B&G.’ The user wrote: ‘B&G case is under strict censorship in China thus not seen on media, all we can see is the standard CCTV version. By contrast the case is attracting intense international attention and making headlines almost everywhere.’

‘The immense international attention is natural considering how high-level it is and the great impact on Chinese politics.’

Some netizens expressed support for Bo, referring to him as ‘Grandfather Bo’ and wrote about missing his leadership. Other posts played off Bo’s last name, which can mean thin, weak or poor in Chinese, and some obliquely used the word ‘tomato,’ apparently to refer to Chongqing, which literally means ‘the red city in the west.'”

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