Pandas! Pandas everywhere!

In adorable animal news… Two giant pandas who were displaced by earthquakes in China in 2008 are soon to return home. Dawwwww.

China Daily News has the story here. According to them, more than 60 pandas were homeless in the disaster and later adopted by zoos in other cities.

So two of the pandas, including one extremely cute Si Jia, will return to China soon. But what about the other displaced pandas? How do they thrive in zoos around the world?

Well, in Australia two giant pandas, Wang Wang and Funi, are expected to mate soon. Or at least, zookeepers hope they will. In a slightly hilarious article, the Herald Sun explains some strategies used to get pandas in the mood:

“Adelaide Zoo has ruled out using ‘panda porn’ – movies depicting mating pandas – to teach the pair how to mate, despite its success in China.

Zoos SA, which recorded a debt of $7.5 million this year, hopes the arrival of a panda cub would boost visitor numbers.

Zoo staff will test Funi’s hormones daily over the next few weeks to see when they are at their highest.”
In San Diego, they’ve already got it all figured out. Congratulations to Bai Yun, who helped the city set a new record by giving birth to a bean-sized cub this week. This is the sixth cub born in the zoo, a feat which has never happened outside of Chinese breeding facilities.

CTV had more info on the new mother:

“Zookeepers and researchers watched the birth Sunday afternoon via a closed circuit camera mounted inside the birthing den.

In a blog post, zoo officials say Bai Yun immediately scooped the cub into her arms and comforted the newborn.

Because of Bai Yun’s advanced age the pregnancy was considered high risk, but zookeepers say mother and baby are doing fine.

The sex of the cub won’t be known for several months.

It will be a while before Bai Yun and the new cub are on display but the public can glimpse them on the Panda Cam at the zoo’s website.”


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