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Happy Halloween! Chinese edition

We know, we know, Halloween is, at best, a North American gimmick that gives women an excuse to dress scantily, and children an excuse to develop diabetes. But the holiday is still much beloved by North Americans the world over, … Continue reading

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Pollution protests prompt police crackdown in eastern China

China’s rising middle class is becoming increasingly vocal about its aversion to potentially harmful pollution coming from new developments–this was evidenced by massive protests over a proposed petrochemical plant expansion this weekend. The Boston Globe, via AP, reports that thousands … Continue reading

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Bo allies passed over in Chinese military shake-up

The aftershocks continue–in the wake of disgraced Chinese politician Bo Xilai’s fall from grace, China has announced the promotion of four military personnel, deliberately passing over friends of Bo and sending a clear message that the government is not pleased … Continue reading

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Jiang Zemin: He lives!

He was declared dead by a Hong Kong media outlet last year, but former Chinese president Jiang Zemin is alive, well, and back in the public eye. Bloomberg reports that the 86-year-old political veteran has re-surfaced, just in time for … Continue reading

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Romney, Obama, and China bashing: Why?

An unlikely source for today’s news: Rupert Murdoch’s own Fox News, which ran an editorial questioning whether bashing China is necessarily a wise move for both American presidential candidates. In the piece, titled “Obama, Romney talk tough on China — … Continue reading

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New leadership is coming to China… but what happens after?

Our helpful friends at the BBC are guiding us through China’s upcoming leadership change, one question at a time. In a new piece, BBC journalists explain how the process works, just in time for the ruling Communist Party’s National Congress, … Continue reading

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Yang Ming

Frequent contributor Rachel Dares had more from Chinese students’ perspective on life in France in the autumn edition of Carnet Atlantique. In this Q&A, she interviews Yang Ming, a Xuzhou native now studying communications at Sciences Po in Paris. Check … Continue reading

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