Casse-Tête October 2012–OBAMA!

Check out the latest on the American elections from our beloved editor-in-chief. A lot of people are talking about Romney killing it in the first debate. We think Obama will still emerge victorious. Here’s why:

“When Barack Obama was elected president, Republicans made a cynical calculation: Obama was a passing fancy they could frustrate into failure for 4 years and then dispatch and defeat him four years later.

A calculation, almost successful. But, not quite. In large part because they assigned Mitt Romney to dispatch Obama.

To their misfortune they undersized President Obama’s skill, self-confidence, conviction, the power of his ideas.

Combined with his uncommon decency, the President has established a durable connection with American voters. Voters, weary of cynical politics, and the swagger of the recent past presidency, will go to the polls with warm and fuzzy feelings about the man they elected once before.

To their misfortune, Republicans are stuck with a candidate who exemplifies the very cynicism and swagger voters distrust and despise, Mitt Romney.

To their misfortune, Republicans are stuck with a candidate with poor political skills. In choosing, as his running mate for vice-president, U.S. Congressman Paul Ryan, Mr. Romney chose a running mate who can do him little good in getting elected and more likely a great deal of harm. (See our story about Congressman Paul Ryan by Mary Wilds below.)

You will not find here a full-throated defense of President Obama. I have already made that case previously. Simply, in ten words or less: Mr. Obama has been a very good President. His opponent would be, at best, an adequate one.”

Click here to read the full story! And for the latest on China, France, America and the world beyond, check out our October 2012 issue, online now!

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