Harvard Girl 《哈佛女孩》

Our intrepid correspondent Mary Wilds pulled double-duty this issue, analyzing the history and impact of potential American VP Paul Ryan, and writing this delicious piece about Chinese students studying at Harvard.

Check out what she had to say about super-achieving Harvard girl Liu Yiting:

“Liu Yiting was a young Chinese woman who had been introduced to American culture, and the prospect of an American education, during a student exchange program in 1998. Her parents had raised her to study hard and go to college, but never imagined that college wouldn’t be in mainland China. Like most Chinese at the time, they were unaware that non-American secondary school graduates could apply to undergraduate programs in the U.S.

Yiting applied to, and was accepted by, Harvard and several other Ivy League schools, She chose Harvard; given that her acceptance was a feather in their caps they decided to write a book on what they’d done right.

In it, Yiting’s parents, Liu Wiehua and Zang Xinwu, outlined how they had never talked ‘baby talk’ to their daughter, and always treated her like an adult. They took a multi-faced approach; controlling her diet, for example, and making sure she got plenty of physical exercise.

The book was published in 2000, after Liu had matriculated. Liu believed that the book’s succeeded because it ‘consciously (addressed) Chinese parents’ growing anxiety about proper family education,’ Liu told the Boston Globe. ‘Because China has changed so much in the past 20 years, a lot of things need to catch up.’ The book eventually spawned a whole cottage industry of how-to books on the Ivy League: From Andover to Harvard, How We Got Our Child Into Yale, and Our Dumb Little Boy Goes to Cambridge.”

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