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iPhone 5 coming to China… wait… what?

We could have sworn that they were already in China, as in manufactured there, but apparently the iPhone 5 and iPad will soon be available in Chinese retail outlets. CNET reports that the diminutive tablet will be available starting December … Continue reading

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The Onion to China: Fooled you! Again!

Yet another national news agency falls prey to The Onion. The satirical news site has once again fooled China with a less-than-true article–this one detailing one North Korean’s rise to international celebrity. NBC explained how editors in China are experiencing … Continue reading

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China expands and conquers

It would appear that China is playing the game of Risk for serious. The Phillippines and Vietnam are not thrilled with China’s new passport, which shows a map of Chinese territory that includes all of the South China Sea and … Continue reading

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Chinese tweeter under arrest

It’s been a weird week for IRL consequences to social media actions. First off, that poor young lady in India who made the front page of Reddit after being arrested for… a Facebook post. Now we move to China, where … Continue reading

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Chinese vs American dream… who has it better?

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting new article today about whether China really is the place to be these days. True, its economy is doing better than America’s and the middle class is growing, but the WSJ’s writer found … Continue reading

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And the winner is… Xi Jinping! Try to contain your shock.

In a hotly-contested race… ha ha, just kidding. We knew it, he knew, all of China knew it. Meet the new President, Xi Jinping! Yes, as the Washington Post reports, China’s Communist Party has a new leader, and his name … Continue reading

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Enough about Xi–Who is running the economy?

Fascinating piece from the Boston Globe today about Li Keqiang, who will be promoted within the Communist Party’s top council after the party’s massive congress ends later this week. According to the Globe, Li is a “cautious enforcer” who speaks … Continue reading

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