China would vote Obama… how about you?

Election day is upon us! Yes, it’s finally time for our American friends to choose between President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romey.

We at Carnet Atlantique have made no secret of our fondness for the POTUS, so none will be surprised when we say that voting for Romney is the worst idea ever. However, we looked to China to see who a country with a history of not voting for anyone, would vote for, were they eligible to vote in America.

The Los Angeles Times reports, perhaps unsurprisingly, that an overwhelming majority of Chinese people would vote Obama. Score!

“Unscientific online polls conducted Tuesday by the Global Times and Sina Weibo, China’s Twitter-like service, both showed the incumbent trouncing Mitt Romney. Through Tuesday afternoon, the Global Times’ poll showed 81% of more than 4,500 respondents favoring the Democrat, while Sina Weibo’s survey drew more than 2,500 responses, 78% of them supporting Obama. 

A more scientific AFP-Ipsos online poll, conducted in late September, showed 63% of about 800 Chinese respondents wanted Obama to be re-elected.

In that survey, 58.3% of respondents thought Obama would be the best U.S. president for Asian economic growth, while 56.3% said Obama was better for peace and security in Asia. Romney was most popular with older Chinese and inland areas and less developed, second-tier cities. “

So why the love for Obama? Well, it may have more to do with a disdain for that other guy:

“Romney has vowed throughout the campaign that he would label China as a currency manipulator on his first day in the White House. The candidates have repeatedly traded barbs on who would be tougher on China from a trade and jobs perspective. 

Although the AFP-Ipsos poll showed only 43% of people regarded the U.S. election as ‘very important” or “somewhat important,’ there was a significant amount of online chatter about the race Tuesday. The U.S. presidential vote was the fourth-hottest topic on Sina. (No. 8, it must be noted, was ‘Will bananas become the main source of sustenance for humans?’)

‘Everyone in my office almost stopped doing their jobs and started to discuss tonight’s U.S. presidential election,’ wrote one Weibo user named Lt. Eating Chicken Nuggets. ‘They talked from Reagan to Romney, everyone became a political expert!'”

We can certainly get behind any story that quotes Lt. Eating Chicken Nuggets as a serious source. Seriously. But whatever the Chinese think, we urge all Americans, regardless of their political affiliations, to please get out and vote today–democracy is a precious thing. Use it or lose it.

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