Xi speaks!


China’s state-run Xinhua news agency is reporting that Xi Jinping, the newly-minted leader of China, is urging his fellow citizens to knuckle under and work harder for economic prosperity:

“In the face of complicated and fast-changing conditions, confidence and the awareness of risks are both needed to make progress while maintaining stability, he noted.

We should remain cool-headed. We should acknowledge the economic and social achievements we have made so far this year and recognize the long-term fundamentals will remain sound,’ he said.

‘Meanwhile, we should recognize that adverse domestic and overseas effects will be long-term, complicated and winding. We should not run from conflicts and cover up problems,’ he said.

China’s economy expanded 7.4 percent year on year in the July-September period, slowing for the seventh consecutive quarter.

However, official data has showed recovering fixed-asset investment, industrial activity and retail sales in recent months. But trade data remains ugly, as external demand has faltered.”

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Xi was speaking on his first trip outside Beijing since becoming the new General Secretary of the Communist Party in November. According to Sky News, he was talking economy and government reforms in the midst of an unprecedented loosening of internet restrictions:

“Twenty years ago, former president and key reform figure Deng Xiaoping chose the same city to call for similar reforms following the violent crackdown on pro-democracy protests in 1989.

The 1992 reform call prompted a decade of breakneck economic growth through the 1990s. Mr Xi’s comments appeared to coincide with an easing of internet search restrictions within the country.

The Communist Party censors the information internet users can search for, fearing it could threaten their hold on power. The Chinese version of Twitter, called Sina Weibo, routinely blocks the ability to search the names of the country’s leaders.

However, following Mr Xi’s trip, those searches were possible though this may only be a short term loosening of restrictions. The freedom allowed internet-users who witnessed Xi’s trip to post their thoughts online.”

What do you think? Is Xi moving in the right direction?

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