Lettre de Londres: Boris Johnson: Court Jester?


Our London correspondent Austin Ashley weighed in on the (brutally) comical Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, in the latest edition of Carnet Atlantique:

“Johnson, avowedly a member of Cameron’s Conservative party, is riding a wave of post-Olympics popularity. Having achieved the impossible and made the British public laugh with him during his gaffes (rather than at him), rumour has it that his next conquest will be the leadership of the Conservative party. Some are even talking about him becoming Prime Minister one day!

For now though, Boris is trying to downplay the rumours. His speech at the Conservative party conference, while characteristically flamboyant, was hardly a call to arms. Asked whether he is planning to challenge David Cameron, Boris simply responds that he is fully behind the Prime Minister. But then again, asked whether he would run as a Member of Parliament at the same time as being editor of the Spectator newspaper a few years ago, he replied ‘absolutely not’. After a few months, Boris was the Member of Parliament for North Oxford, juggling his editorship of the Spectator, his Oxford constituency, a growing family and a demanding mistress too.

Johnson’s unwelcome and thinly camouflaged apostasy comes as Cameron’s coalition government is internally riven on several fronts, not the least endless debate on Britain’s role vis-à-vis the European Project, whether the U.K. plays spoiler, denying E.U. budget approval. If there is any agreement whatsoever, it is that no one supports the Government’s position, precisely where the agreement both begins and ends.”

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Read more on France, America, China and the world beyond in the latest edition of Carnet Atlantique!

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