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牛津,剑桥,伦敦政经学院 (Oxford, Cambridge, LSE)

Check out our handy-dandy guide to studying at a top UK school–now available in English and Mandarin! Behold: “Oxford offers a distinctive form of undergraduate education, unique in the world to Oxford and Cambridge. What makes us distinctive is: 牛津所提供的是一种独具特色的本科教育,一种不同于世界而只属于牛津剑桥的教育。我们的特色是 … Continue reading

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China launched longest (and fastest) high-speed rail line in the world. Hold on to your butts!

If you’re travelling by train from Beijing to Guangzhou, the journey will now take eight hours instead of twenty. God bless us, everyone! Yes, Al Jazeera has reported that China just launched a 2,000+ km rail line connecting the capital … Continue reading

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En route to China

Call it a sign of the times: Air France is now offering regular, three-times-weekly flights to Wuhan, China. Behold a press release from the company, courtesy of Travel Daily News: “Air France was the first European carrier to start services … Continue reading

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Chilling details from Air France Flight 447

Imagine this… you are sleeping on a plane over the Atlantic Ocean when out of nowhere, the plane just stalls. You and fellow passengers drop straight down for 3 1/2 minutes before hitting the water at 50 metres per second. … Continue reading

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