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Happy end of the world everyone! Except you, Chinese cult members. You are under arrest.

Yes, though midnight has already come and gone for many of our readers, and it is now December 21, 2012 in over half of the world, it would appear that the apocalypse has not, in fact, occurred. So not only … Continue reading

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Growth returns to China, world rejoices.

Looks like all the naysayers and doomsdayers can shut their pie holes–China is back to red-hot growth. At least in manufacturing. Gulf News reports that manufacturing activity in China hit a 13-month high in November, another sign that the world’s … Continue reading

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iPhone 5 coming to China… wait… what?

We could have sworn that they were already in China, as in manufactured there, but apparently the iPhone 5 and iPad will soon be available in Chinese retail outlets. CNET reports that the diminutive tablet will be available starting December … Continue reading

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China expands and conquers

It would appear that China is playing the game of Risk for serious. The Phillippines and Vietnam are not thrilled with China’s new passport, which shows a map of Chinese territory that includes all of the South China Sea and … Continue reading

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And the winner is… Xi Jinping! Try to contain your shock.

In a hotly-contested race… ha ha, just kidding. We knew it, he knew, all of China knew it. Meet the new President, Xi Jinping! Yes, as the Washington Post reports, China’s Communist Party has a new leader, and his name … Continue reading

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China on civil war in Syria: Don’t worry guys, we got this.

The New York Times is calling it “vague,” but the Chinese have, apparently, come up with a solution for ending the civil war in Syria. In a new article, the NYT outlines how the Chinese plan to go about bringing … Continue reading

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Yang Ming

Frequent contributor Rachel Dares had more from Chinese students’ perspective on life in France in the autumn edition of Carnet Atlantique. In this Q&A, she interviews Yang Ming, a Xuzhou native now studying communications at Sciences Po in Paris. Check … Continue reading

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