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China: Steady as she goes

Hold on to your hats! A prudent monetary policy is, apparently, on the agenda for China in 2013. This courtesy of newly-elected leader Xi Jinping, at a recent two-day conference in the country. According to state-run Xinhua, by way of … Continue reading

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China’s economy: Still a watched pot?

Yuh oh. Making news today: China’s Premier Wen Jiabao has warned that the country’s economy is under pressure. Then went one step further and said it faces problems that could be long-lived. The BBC reports that his announcement comes amid … Continue reading

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Chinese tourists flock en masse to France

Check it out! France might be struggling to pull itself out of this most recent economic crisis, but the BBC is reporting that the country is receiving a surprising boost to its tourism coffers–courtesy of China: “France is enjoying a … Continue reading

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Tea Party 2.0: Idiotic sheep in wolf’s clothing?

The world rolls its eyes as the Tea Party movement gains steam in the U.S., but is it really such a bad thing? “In the 2010 midterm election, 138 candidates identified as having Tea Party support. This included several high-profile … Continue reading

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French drought threatens EU grain supplies

Not helping global wheat prices is news that French wheat crops are being choked by drought this season. “The French environment minister said on Monday France was in ‘a situation of crisis’ and on Wednesday imposed curbs on water consumption in … Continue reading

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Wall Street crash… 2ème

“In 1988, Lewis walked away from Solomon Brothers and an extremely lucrative position to write his book under the pretext that the whole experience struck him as preposterous. He figured the situation was unsustainable. Sooner rather than later, someone was … Continue reading

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Carnet Atlantique

Welcome to the Carnet Atlantique, Paris’ newest English quarterly journal. Covering hot topics in France, the U.S., and the world beyond, the Carnet Atlantique is a spicy, thinking man’s, opinionated journal. Dig in and read our inaugral issue here!

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