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Paul Volcker

“It was August of 1981 and Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker was the most unpopular man in America. Unemployment was 11 percent, the prime interest rate was 21.5 percent, the economy was in a tailspin and it had all been … Continue reading

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Harvard Girl 《哈佛女孩》

Our intrepid correspondent Mary Wilds pulled double-duty this issue, analyzing the history and impact of potential American VP Paul Ryan, and writing this delicious piece about Chinese students studying at Harvard. Check out what she had to say about super-achieving … Continue reading

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U.S. 2012 Presidential Update

The handsome Mormon millionaire is known for killing jobs as much as he is for criticising the current administration for killing jobs. Republicans are apparently falling out of love with him (if they ever were in the first place) after … Continue reading

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2011: Still better than 1011

Welcome to 2012! A year full of high hopes and expectations after a rather admittedly miserable 2011. We at Carnet Atlantique are pleased to celebrate our one year anniversary with our latest issue, featuring insight and analysis of the top … Continue reading

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