Cannes kicks off with Woody Allen’s love letter to Paris

The Cannes film festival has kicked off again, with Woody Allen presenting his “love letter to Paris,” according to the Vancouver Sun.

Midnight in Paris tells the story of “an American writer (played by Owen Wilson) on vacation in Paris who becomes infatuated with the all the clichés — the cobbled streets, the Eiffel Tower, the glorious memories of the ‘movable feast’ that brought Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald and others to the city in the 1920s. It’s a billet doux to Gertrude Stein’s Paris; Pablo Picasso’s Paris; Cole Porter’s Paris,” said the Sun, going on to add:

“It was the perfect film to launch the Cannes Film Festival — the fifth time an Allen film has done so — and it brought to the Croisette a mood of warm, autumnal nostalgia as its hero travels back in time to the magical glories of that earlier burnished era.”

 Believe it or not, the movie is getting some good reviews. Simon Gallagher writes: “the greatest strength of Midnight in Paris is that the writer/director brings in a charming narrative conceit to act as a new, engaging canvas for his familiar tropes and traits.”

What do you think? Does Allen still got it?

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